Australasian Archaeological Geomatics
Working Group


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Mission Statement

The Australasian Archaeological Geomatics Working Group is focused on providing a platform for all interested parties to discuss, progress and promote the use of geomatic techniques to better understand past human behavior and adaptation in the Australasian region.

What is Geomatics?

Geomatics (also referred to as Geoinformatics or Geospatial Technologies) is the discipline of collecting, storing, processing, and visualising geographic information. Geomatic technologies include near surface geophysics, laser scanning, photogrammetry, Unmanned Aerial Systems, LiDAR, total station/EDM mapping, GNSS, GIS and spatial modelling.


The Working Group is focused on increasing the use of Geomatic technologies in archaeology. This includes their benefit in digitally capturing spatial data to document and preserve Australasia's heritage. However, we are also interested in going beyond the use of these tools as mere 'pretty pictures' meant to impress audiences at conferences or your next client. Rather, we believe that the true value in geomatics will only be realised when it is fully integreated into the heritage management process and archaeological research for the purpose of understanding past human activity and adaptation.

This website is intended to provide a general introduction to a range of geomatic technologies for Aboriginal parties, archaeologists, other specialists and the general public. For those looking to develop a detailed understanding of these technologies we will also provide information on relevant published texts. Most importantly, we will highlight geomatic research and applications specific to Australasia to help raise awareness across the archaeological and heritage management communities.

Lastly, as this website is still in development (and we are mere mortals) it is appreciated that any factual inaccuracies, mistatements, ommisions and the like are brought to our attention. Further, if you are aware of additional content that would support the objectives of the AAGWG, we welcome it! Please see our Contact page.