Australasian Archaeological Geomatics
Working Group


All geomatic techniques require software to collect, process, manipulate and/or display data in meaninful ways. Many software programs are very expensive requiring annual licences or paid periodical updates. This page will list paid software programs that are commonly used but will also highlight free programs where applicable. In no way, through inclusion or exclusion, are we advocating the use of any particular software. Additionally, to avoid the perception of any preference, software are listed first by Paid/Free designations and then alphabetically. For those with an aptitude for coding, of course you can use R, Python or Matlab. We encourage visitors to submit additional programs.

Operating System

ArcheOS is a Linux distro built for archaeologists. Based on Debian, it includes a range of programs designed to assist with archaeological research including many geomatics applications.


Geoplot (Windows) EMI, Magnetics and Resistivity
GPR Slice (Windows) GPR
GPRSoft (Windows) GPR
Reflexw (Windows) GPR
Surfer (Windows) 2d geophysical data
TerraSurveyor (Windows) EMI, Magnetics and Resistivity
Voxler (Windows) 3d geophysical data

GPR Process (Windows) GPR
Snuffler (Windows) EMI, Magnetics and Resistivity


Note: Numerous software programs are now available for 3D texturing, aerial image stitching and terrain modelling. An extensive list can be found here.

PCI Geomatica (Windows) Suitable for many aerial platforms
Acute3D (Windows) Textured 3D Models
Photoscan (Windows, Mac and Linux) Textured 3D Models
Pix4D (Windows) Drone based mapping

123D Catch (Android, iOS, Windows and web based) Automated 3D reconstructions
ARC 3D (Web based) Automated 3D reconstructions
Meshlab (Windows, Mac and Linux) Automated 3D reconstructions
Visual SFM (Web based) Structure from Motion 3D reconstruction


ArcGIS (Windows)
MapInfo (Windows)
Terrset (Windows)

Grass (Windows, MacOS and Linux)
gvSIG (Windows and Linux)
QGIS (Windows, MacOS and Linux)
Saga (Windows and Linux)

Note: Numerous free GIS platforms are now available. An extensive list can be found here. OSGeo has a broad range of open source GIS projects and GIS StackExchange is an active community-based support tool.